Hi, I’m Simon Deane

Msc Food Nutrition
I provide resources to help people enjoy preparing and eating good food, improve their overall diet and understand more about nutrition and health.


I think eating well should be an enjoyable process. Healthy eating can be bland but it doesn’t need to be. Healthy dishes can also be full of flavour, where we don’t feel we are missing out on less healthy alternatives. 


Learning to cook and prepare food is a skill that has been lost to some degree in today’s time constrained lifestyle. I believe that taking the time to prepare healthy meals at home is a worthwhile investment in your own health and wellbeing. This doesn’t need to require hours sweating in a hot kitchen everyday, many dishes can be made from scratch in 20 minutes or less. 


I became particularly interested in plant-based based cuisine, with the weight of evidence in the nutritional studies indicating that eating more plants leads to better health and less chronic disease. 


There are numerous reasons why people are looking to eat a more plant forward diet, including their own health, environmental reasons and ethical reasons. I wanted to create resources to help people achieve this goal, so my focus is on plant based cuisine. 



My interest in food and nutrition led to completing a Masters Degree in Food Nutrition and Health at University College Dublin

To learn more about plant based cuisine and building flavour in plant based dishes, I completed the Forks Over Knives Ultimate Course in Plant Based Cooking.